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I have owned the domains and for almost 20 years, and have had quite a struggle to hold onto them over the years.

Around 2007, when the first live action movie was in production, I received an enquiry about purchasing the domains from someone who I later found out to be representing Paramount. I didn’t want to sell them, and they later used a different domain for their series of movies.

This led to producer Don Murphy being somewhat unpleasant towards me on his forum, suggesting I had purchased the domains to cash in on his films. Obviously not the case, since I had owned for several years already at this stage.

As a result though, I have done little with the domains over the years and have finally decided that the time is nigh to put them to good use for the purpose for which they were bought – celebrating Transformers the Movie, the animated 1986 version of the film.

This website will be just that. A homage to Transformers The Movie. We’ll have regular updates, videos, rare photos, reviews and all manner of content related solely to Transformers the Movie – and we never need mention those live action movies ever again.

We’d even like your help. If you’d like to submit your own content, you can do so here. We’d love to hear from you.

‘til all are one!

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