Transformers The Movie UK Poster

Back in the early 2000s a Transformers art book was produced. The book, named Genesis: The Art of Transformers, was supposed to be two volumes, but the second volume never materialised for one reason or another. This was a shame, as the second volume was intended to feature the UK Transformers The Movie poster that you can see below.

The poster, the actual one below, was loaned by myself to the book’s creators (88MPH Studios) so that it could be scanned, corrected and included within the book. The poster actually came from the UK Marvel Poster Magazine released around 1986. It’s something I’ve kept ever since and, when the creators of the Transformers art book asked for my help, I was delighted to assist.

They also sent me the high-resolution scan of the poster they created from my poster magazine, so that I could use it as well. This makes it, probably, the best version of the UK poster available today. I have uploaded as high a resolution version as I dare on this server, but the version I have is much larger than this – should anyone wish to use it for anything. Just let me know.

The UK poster has always been my personal favourite, not least because it’s the version I had on my original VHS version of the film.

What’s your favourite version of the film’s many posters?

Transformers The Movie UK Poster

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  1. Hi there, I would love to get hold of a copy of the super hi resolution scan of the poster if you dont mind sharing? Thanks!

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