Transformers The Movie Japanese Laserdisc

As with most fans I own multiple versions of Transformers The Movie, including several DVDs and Blu-Rays. However, my favourite version is this Japanese laserdisc. Despite the movie being in Japanese, and me no longer having an NTSC laserdisc player (required to play this format) I prize this version above all others.

Why, you may ask? Because of the exceptionally cool artwork on the sleeve, and the fact it’s so rare I have never seen another one. Over the years I have taken this laserdisc to multiple conventions in the UK for the voice actors to sign. Each voice actor I have met has also confirmed they have never seen this version of the movie either.

The voice actors who have signed this are:

  • Gregg Berger – Grimlock
  • Dan Gilvezan – Bumblebee
  • Paul Eiding – Perceptor
  • Michael Bell – Prowl/Scrapper/Swoop/Junkion
  • Hal Rayle – Shrapnel

Additionally, the legend that is Stan Bush has also signed the laserdisc. Stan signed it at TFNation in 2018, when he performed a concert at the UK convention in Birmingham.

Has anyone else seen this version of the movie before? Do you have an equally cool version of the movie in your collection? I’d love to hear about it.


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